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Startup of the Year Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

On this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, we hear from Nate Andorsky, who is the founder of Effectual Ventures, a company that helps startups find and accelerate product market fit. Prior to that, he spent the last decade building an Inc. 5000 company and he was working with everyone from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson and Johnson, CVS Health, Quicken Loans, while ideating and bringing new products to market.


Nate is also the author of “Decoding the Why" which dives into how Behavioral Science is Driving the Next Generation of Product Design. We have a special offer for our listeners, who can grab their own free e-book version of the book today at: by entering the code: SOTY


We also share an event we’re hosting for the Startup of the Year community coming up on December 13th, which concludes our “Grow Your Startup” series. This virtual event will feature five companies from our community, and we will be putting them on a virtual stage in front of investor judges and a global audience. It should be a lot of fun and pretty interesting to see some of these early startups. The event timeline, the application, and the event registration can be found at:


We also again highlight one of the startups from our community and that company is Spontivly, which is a Community Management System that connects an organization’s suite of community tools. They handle the full lifecycle of community management…from workflow management to community insights. Learn more about them at


Lastly, we invite you all to join our community today to access the support, expert advice, and resources you need to elevate your startup by going to:  


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