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Startup of the Year Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

On this episode of the Startup of the Year podcast we are featuring our virtual event that we hosted, Honoring U.S. Veteran Founders.
We had a great group of veteran-led companies presenting their pitches. The STARTUPS included: Govlia (Fort Lauderdale, FL); Milk Money Kitchens (New York, NY); Target Arm (Ridgefield, CT); TCare (St. Louis, MO); and TruGenomix (Rockville, MD). 
Additionally, the event was presided over by an incredible group of amazing judges that included Burunda Prince (Chief Innovation Officer of B6);  Jason Rathje (Partner - AF Ventures, AFWERX); Derren Burrell (President and Founder, Veteran Ventures Capital); and Kim Folsom
(Co-Founder and CEO, Founders First Capital Partners, and Founder, LIFT Development Enterprises).
Congrats to TruGenomix for winning the Pitch Competition! They are now one of the Top 100 Semifinalists at the 8th Annual Startup of the Year Summit.  Also, we are very excited for TCARE, which took home the People's Choice Award. 
We also hear some new segments from some of our Established Team members. Our VP, Engagement at Established, Rich Maloy, provides some advice with the VC Minute. Our CTO, Joe Corbett discussed some pointers with the Two Minute Tech Tips and our Director of Partnerships, Jacqui Dietrich provides and update about our Partner Programs and specifically discusses the following:
Please nominate a Community Partner supporting or investing in startups! Feel free to email Jacqui at:  [email protected] 
As mentioned in the episode, please join us for our upcoming event we are hosting on September 3rd, as we celebrate five Black-led companies. During the event, each startup will pitch to a panel of expert judges for a $1,000 cash prize and an automatic Top 100 Semifinalist Spot at our 8th Annual Startup of the Year Summit which will be held online on November 9th - 10th  You can register for the event at the following link:
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