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Startup of the Year Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

On this episode of the Startup of the Year podcast, Frank Gruber talks with Mike Evans at our 2020 Summit. Mike shared his story behind starting and taking GrubHub to IPO. He also talked about his new startup, and forthcoming book Hangry. 
Frank also takes a moment to share that the Established team has been mourning the recent loss of Tony Hsieh, the former CEO of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness, and the man behind the Downtown Project to revitalize downtown Las Vegas.
Tony was a visionary whose thoughts on culture changed the e-commerce industry with and inspired us and so many to lead with a solid company culture. He was a very generous person who dreamed big and chased the vision rather than the money. He was an investor in our previous company, TechCo and we worked closely with him over the last decade. His work in downtown Las Vegas impacted many with the small business and startups that were attracted to the area to take part in his huge vision to revitalize the previously faceless downtown area and make it a place for live, work and play. He was loved by us and so many, he will be missed greatly. Gone too soon at only 46 years old, rest in peace, Tony Hsieh.
We also hear some segments from some of our Established Team members. Rich Maloy of Established Ventures provides some tips for our startup founder listeners during the “VC Minute.” Also, our Director of Partnerships, Jacqui Dietrich, provides an update about our Partner Programs and specifically discusses the following:
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Startup of the Year is also a year-long program that searches the country for a geographically diverse set of startups from all backgrounds and pulls them together to compete for the title of Startup of the Year. 
The program includes a number of in-person and virtual events, including our annual South By Southwest startup pitch event and competition. All of which culminate at our annual Startup of the Year Summit, where the Startup of the Year winner is announced, along with an opportunity at a potential investment.
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